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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Sorry this game have deleted by ( not by (us) sorry about that and we will try to upload this game on ( as soon as possible.

Coming Soon (The Video)

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer action video game developed by Torn Banner Studios as their first commercial title.[2] The game is set in a fictional world resembling the Middle Ages and offers similar gameplay combat to the developer's previously released Half-Life 2 mod, Age of Chivalry. On September 20, 2012, a trailer was released which set the release date to October 16, 2012.[3] The developers had confirmed that the game would be PC exclusive, though they stated the possibility of console versions if the interest were great enough.[4][5] An expansion pack called Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior was announced on August 23, 2013. It's a tie-in for the television series Deadliest Warrior.[6]

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